Wall Block Making Machine KAD1400
Mobile Curb Stone Machine KAD1400

The Automatic Curbstone & Block Machine KAD1400 , a very solid system with high performance is designed and manufactured by Aradsan Machine. This system is capable to produce block, curbstone, flower box.

This system is also capable to produce different kinds of ceiling block, wall block, partition block by using sand, pumice, leca and different kinds of curbstone, canivo and gutters up to 50 centimeters height. It is notable that there is no limit for the height of produced curbstones.

This automatic system has loader and silo. The mould and matrix (shoulder) are moved by jacks. The purpose of the loader is self-loading and the action of feeding the moulds is done automatically. In silo section the concrete feeding action is not performed manually .In every feeding time, it can produce 133 blocks. All the process such as filling the mould, feeding action, and running around in the production band are done automatically. The role of human resources is very low and the system is able to do the production process just by one person to change the mould.

This movable machine consist of controlling part, eight set of curbstone mould , six set of block mould with one electro-vibration and two hydraulic vibration, which simultaneously carry out the vibrating  and hydraulic press. Maximum used surface in mould is 126*50 cm (20, 50 H).

The system KAD1400 has more features and capability than KAD1300, including:

Speed and high production capacity

The system 1400 has no limitation in the production concrete parts such as curbstone, block, flower box. In fact, it doesn’t face any limitation on the length, height, width of the products.


Vibration’s generator: Vem (Germany)

Controlling system of hydraulic: Galtech (Italy)

Hydraulic hose: Flex (Germany or Italy)

Channel beam: European type

All sheets of moulds are made from ST60 or ST52 and the parts exposed to the friction is manufactured with anti-friction steel.

Jack’s shaft: Hard chrome (Italy)

The jacks of the system: Boch or Bohler (Germany)

The locks and fastening parts of the system (Germany)

Equipped with hydraulic system (two levers for pressing and vacating)

Equipped with one set of electro-vibration and two set of rotational oily vibrator, each of which is powered by a generator with 2 HP (horse power).

The generator of the machine KAD1400:

One 3 hp generator for moving

One 7.7 hp generator for hydraulic system

Two 3 hp generator for vibration system

One 3 hp electro-vibration

One 2 hp generator for turning around automatically

In some specific cases when the customer order is based on the production of a specific concrete product, two electro-vibration are also added to the system which in fact the system of mould and matrix of five direction by five vibrator perform the action of making concrete.

It’s production capacity is 1700 to 2500 curbstones , 5500 to 7000 blocks in 8 hours .(production with 80 % of it’s capacity in 8 hours.)

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300×500x150 mm CurbStone

300×400x150 mm CurbStone

300×300x150 mm CurbStone

400×500x150 mm CurbStone

500×500x150 mm CurbStone

500×350x150 mm CurbStone

400×300x200 mm Canivo

300×500x180 mm Canivo

400×500x150 mm Canivo

300×300x120 mm Gutter

300×400x150 mm Gutter

300×400x120 mm Gutter


250×200x400 mm Ceiling Block

200×200x400 mm Ceiling Block

250×200x500 mm Ceiling Block

250×200x500 mm Wall Block

200×200x400 mm Wall Block

150×200x500 mm Partition Block

100×200x400 mm Partition Block

100×200x500 mm Partition Block

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200x200x400 mm Block 

150x200x400 mm Block 

100x200x400 mm Block 

300x500x150 mm CurbStone 

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6 Pcs

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10 Pcs

8 Pcs

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